How To Fly A Horse

Kevin Ashton

A very well thought through and artfully presented challenge to mystical assumptions about creativity. It's also a useful coaching manual for anyone with a beating heart, functioning brain, and the determination to create. Here's an excerpt from the publisher's summary. Excuse the hyperbole: Penguin is in the business of selling books. Aston's writing is direct, confident and pitch perfect:

To create is human. Technology pioneer Kevin Ashton has experienced firsthand the all-consuming challenge of creating something new. Now [he] demystifies the sacred act, leading us on a journey through humanity’s greatest creations to uncover the surprising truth behind who creates and how they do it. Ashton showcases the seemingly unremarkable individuals, gradual steps, multiple failures, and countless ordinary and usually uncredited acts that lead to our most astounding breakthroughs.


Steve Silberman

By taking the reader on a detailed journey through the history of autism, Steve Silberman challenges the dogma of normalcy that inhibits creativity by denying the biological, evolutionary and social importance of human diversity. Though this is not a book about creativity, it's hard to imagine getting close to a complete understanding of that fundamental human capacity without reading it.

Radically altering the societal conversation about autism, Silberman also explores the game-changing concept of neurodiversity, [making] the convincing case that neurological differences like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD are natural variations in the human genome that ultimately unite us as humans.

Other Minds

Peter Godfrey-Smith

This book is about consciousness, not creativity. However, by pushing back on our species-centric conceptualization of consciousness and how it evolved, Peter Godfrey-Smith extends to the point of breaking the tight constraints on mental processes that are a natural consequence of applying computer metaphors to cognition. In that sense, he directly informs the physically embodied / environmentally extended approach I take to investigating creativity.

One of our species’s worst qualities is our insistence on an exclusive pathway to consciousness. Fortunately Peter Godfrey-Smith has given us a roadmap to a whole new territory of thinking. Other Minds is a gracious and generous exploration of this different land, one that will make you rethink the entire notion of sentience
— Paul Greenberg