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Play, Learning, and Creativity

In Playing With Possibilities, edited by Peter O'Connor and published by Cambridge Scholars (2017)

"Here I explore play and playfulness with an emphasis on how they contribute to human development and learning, make connections to ways of thinking about creativity from the perspective of embodied and socially extended concepts of mind, and advocate for the enhancement of creativity in higher education through the integration of play and playfulness into even the most advanced and specialized curriculum..."
possibilities of creativity

Creativity, Embodied and Extended

In The Possibilities of Creativity, edited by Peter O'Connor and published by Cambridge Scholars (2016)

"Bruce Sheridan leads us into a discussion about the role and nature of education in the creative process. His optimism for creativity and the human spirit is found in the closing sentences of his chapter: "it is our creativity, the least algorithmic force in the known universe, and its myriad manifestations, that will continue to guarantee our place, our purpose, and our power.""
- from the editor's introduction
imagine this philosophy & literature

Imagine This...


"These days creativity is a hot commodity, the magic ingredient that separates excellence from competence in every field of human endeavor, yet there is little agreement on what it is, especially in education, where Piaget's critique of imagination remains influential. I outline the basis for a naturalized conception of creativity rooted in evolutionary processes that are enhanced by and in turn amplify individual and group creativity, and propose that replacing Piaget's polarization of imagination and realistic thinking with Vygotsky's integration of those mental processes is necessary to meet the aim of educating for creativity. The role of imagination in counterfactual thinking is explored and improvisation posited as a paradigmatic manifestation of both creative process and product."