Raised From The Ground

The triumph is that regardless of the sociopolitical focus of the content, the characterizations and storytelling techniques are never polemic. Whatever the reader discovers is made available through the emotions, thoughts, and actions of people who are in every sense alive, with all the strengths and weaknesses we recognize in ourselves regardless of where we were born, have lived, and will die... This is a must read: there are not enough stars to bother trying to give it a score.

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Bruce Sheridan
Don't Suck, Don't Die

Listen to his music - this is the guy R.E.M. chose to play "Everybody Hurts" at the 2009 Carnegie Hall celebration of their opulent indie-ness. Stipe and the boys channeled every emotion we could feel... Vic Chesnutt felt them all and called bullshit on the romancing of those stones.

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